Raye Hendrix


o   Ph.D. – University of Oregon (English - Queer/Crip Studies), beginning Fall 2019

o   M.F.A. – University of Texas at Austin (Creative Writing), 2019

o   M.A. - Auburn University (English), 2017

o   B.A. - Auburn University (English), 2014




o   “The Nightmare,” “The Bats,” “Poison Ivy,” Cimarron Review, forthcoming

o   “Drought,” “Thank You For Punishing Me Instead Of My Rapist, Or: HB 314,” Anomaly, forthcoming

o   “Mercy,” Passages North, forthcoming

o   “Let Not a Woman,” Poetry Northwest, forthcoming

o  “Something Like a Shipwreck (In Blue),” Blue River Review, Summer 2019

o   “Surviving Gombert,” librettist; musical composition by Alexander Johnson (Butler School of Music PhD Dissertation, UT Austin); Premiered April 15, 2019 as part of the Cohen New Works Festival

o   “The Difference Between Ceramics and the Moon is that You Can’t Break the Moon,” “Things I’ve Posted on Snapchat With the Caption, ‘Is This a Poem,’” Remedy (Special edition magazine benefitting the Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty), Spring 2019

o   “What Can Break Us,” Poets Reading The News, Spring 2019

o   “Advanced Thanatology,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal (Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Poetry Prize edition, Winter 2018

o   “Home,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Fall 2018

o   “This is Not a Spell This is a Promise,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (Poets Resist), Summer 2018

o   “Bottomfeeder,” Nightjar Review, Summer 2018

o   “Squash Garden,” “No Angels Here,” “The Horse,” elsewhere, Summer 2018

o   "Morning Song," The Chattahoochee Review, Spring 2018

o   "What Good is Heaven," "Husk Hymn," "Blood in the Milk," Southern Indiana Review, Spring 2018

o   “Sapphic as Lady Lazarus,” Plath Poetry Project, Spring 2018

o   “After Orlando,” Francis House, Spring 2018

o   “Ripening,” “The Doctor,” “Her Lips Tectonic,” “Pillow Talk,” Screen Door Review, Spring 2018

o   “Elegy for a Spacecraft,” Rattle (Poets Respond), Fall 2017

o   “Meat,” Shenandoah, Fall 2017

o   “Apology to Alteo,” The Pinch, Fall 2017 (Best New Poets nominee)

o   “Easter Sunday,” “To the Second of Many Horizons,” “Lavender,” The Adirondack Review, Fall 2017     

o   "The Impracticality of Nihilism Does Not Deter Me," Cherry Tree, Spring 2017

o   "The Daughters of Le Valle De Singe," "Sister," Jenny Magazine, Spring 2016


Creative Nonfiction

o   “With Fanfare,” Crab Fat Magazine, Spring 2019


Book Reviews

o   If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar, The Adroit Journal, Summer 2018

o   Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar, Southern Humanities Review, Fall 2017



o   Winner, Keene Prize for Literature, 2019

o   Winner, The New Writers Project Michael Adams Thesis Prize in Poetry, Judged by Robin Schiff (2019)

o   Winner, The Patricia Aakhus Award (Southern Indiana Review), 2019

o   Raymund Fellowship recipient, University of Oregon, 2019

o   Wegelin Fellowship recipient (for incoming American and English poetry, drama, & fiction doctoral students), University of Oregon, 2019

o   Best New Poets nominee, Southern Indiana Review, 2019

o   Pushcart Prize nominee, Screen Door Review, 2018

o   Best of the Net nominee, Screen Door Review, 2018

o   Finalist, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Prize for Poetry (Tinderbox Poetry Journal), 2018

o   Finalist, Keene Prize for Literature, 2018

o   Finalist, Fania Kruger Fellowship in Writing, 2018

o   Best New Poets nominee, The Pinch, 2018

o   Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honors Society, 2017

o   Scholarship recipient, Winter Tangerine's Winter Workshop series, 2017 (declined)        

o   Grant recipient, Juniper Summer Writing Institute, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2016

o   Best New Poets nominee, Auburn University, 2015 & 2016

o   AWP's Intro Journals Project honorable mention, "The Daughters of Le Valle de Singe," 2015

o   Semifinalist, Witness Poetry Prize Honoring Jake Adam York, Southern Humanities Review, 2014

o   Selected representative of creative scholarship for undergraduate poets, Auburn University’s Research Week, 2014



The University of Texas at Austin:

o   Online Content & Web Editor, Bat City Review, Summer 2018-2019

o   Assistant Instructor, Intro to Poetry (workshop), Fall 2018

o   Graduate Teaching Assistant, British Literature, Spring 2018

o   Graduate Teaching Assistant, British Literature, Fall 2017

o   Poetry & Nonfiction Reader, Bat City Review, Fall 2017

o   Research Assistant to Dr. Sunny Stalter-Pace (Auburn University), Fall 2017

Auburn University:

o   Instructor, English Composition II, Spring 2017

o   Instructor, English Composition I, Fall 2016            

o   Graduate Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Theater, Fall 2016 & Spring 2017   

o   Graduate Teaching Assistant, World Literature after 1600, Spring 2016            

o   Graduate Teaching Assistant, British Literature before 1789, Fall 2015

o   Assistant Managing Editor, Southern Humanities Review, Fall 2015

o   Assistant Editor, Southern Humanities Review, 2013-2017

o   Managing Editor, The Auburn Plainsman, Summer 2015 



o   Poetry Workshop Leader, Auburn University Creative Writing Studio, July 16-21, 2017, Auburn, AL

o   Judge, World Poetry Day competition, March 21, 2017, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

o   Prompter for the Poetry Out Loud competition, Dec. 6, 2016 at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn, AL


o   New Writers Project Graduation Reading, The Scottish Rite Theater, Austin, TX, May 12, 2019

o   Keene Prize for Literature reception, Harry Ransom Center, Austin, TX, Apr. 29, 2019

o   The Chicon Street Poets’ Aural Literature Series, Austin Public Library (Terazzas), Austin, TX, Apr. 24, 2019

o   The Poet & Scholar Reading Series, Malvern Books, Austin, TX, Feb. 6, 2019

o   UT Austin MFA Final Year Reading, Malvern Books, Austin, TX, Sept. 6, 2018

o   Fania Kruger Fellowship in Writing winner's reception, The University of Texas at Austin, May 8, 2018

o   Keene Prize for Literature reception, Harry Ransom Center, Austin, TX, Apr. 30, 2018

o   Bat City Review's Reading Series, Cambia Art Gallery, Austin, TX, Dec. 14, 2017 

o   The Poet & Scholar Reading Series, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, Nov. 8, 2017

o   The Pinch Fall Issue Release Party, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, Oct. 27, 2017

o   Auburn University’s Student Sessions organizer, coordinator, & reader, Auburn, AL, 2016-2017